Our story begins when we met at a local church. Though we are completely opposite of one another, we became best friends. We decided early on to surrender our relationship to God and many months later we became Mr. and Mrs. Nichols. 

God has used the power of video to have a life changing impact on our relationship and daily lives. We are passionate about using the tools God has blessed us with to share your story with excellence. The possibilities are endless.

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Hello, I'm Lydia and I like warm hugs!

I'm a adventure seeking videographer, painter, and entrepreneur with big dreams. Obsessed with: fried pickles, reading my Bible and watching Korean Dramas.


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Hi, I'm Josh and I like connecting with people!

I’m a Mid-Western videographer, creative, and paintless dent technician with a goal to share 1,000 stories. Obsessed with: leather boots, hot coffee, and the latest podcast on indie film industry.